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Servo Driver

  • NJ001 series servo drvier

    NJ001 series servo drvier

    Servo drive specifications Basic specifications mode  NJ001-08  NJ001-13  NJ001-20  NJ001-50 Maximum current(A) 10.7 12.7    18.0  25.0 Power supply single phase AC170~253V 50/60Hz Cooling method Natural cooling/ fan  Cooling ? Control method SVPWM control Encoder Provincial line or incremental encoder Internal functions display and operation Six of seven-segment display LED: four function keys Control model position control / speed trial run / jog run /...
  • NJ101 series servo drvier

    NJ101 series servo drvier

    *1. Rated totation speed:when full load, speed ratio is defined as the minimum speed[the motor will not pause]
    *2. When command is rated rotation speed, the speed fluctuation rates is defined as [Empty load rotation speed full load rotation speed] rated rotation speed.
    *3. TN system:A power distribution system having one point directly earthed, the exposed conductive parts of the installation being connected to that points by protective earth conductor.