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  • Lubrication Pump

    Lubrication Pump

    This lubrication pump is a kind of automatic control lubrication pump, suitable for single line damping (SLR) system, oil injection cycle is 10-999 minutes, injection flow is 1-99 ml, pressure is 1.2 Mpa, with the advantage of low noise, high efficiency, simple operation, etc. it is wildly used to lubricate gear, guide rail and chain in machine tools, textile machinery, elevator, woodworking machinery etc. so as to achieve the effection of without manual operation, timing quantitative automat...
  • Handwheel


    2-6 Axis 100/25 PPR  5v/12v/24v MPG Handwheel


    It Can be applied to a variety of CNC system, such as FANUC, SELCA, HANUC, SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI, FAGOR, HEIDENHAIN, LNC, SYNTEC, SKY,HUM, GSK, KND,HNC,NEWKYE,WASHING, and other well-known CNC system.

    Customers can select the model according to the output voltage (DC5 ~ DC15V) and output pulse (25 PPR or 100 PPR), it can be controlled at most 11 axis. we can make the handwhell with output voltage DC24V according to customer requirements.

  • Spindle Encoder

    Spindle Encoder

    Spindle Encoder 5v 1024ppr/600ppr for cnc machine