NJ101 series servo drvier

*1. Rated totation speed:when full load, speed ratio is defined as the minimum speed[the motor will not pause]
*2. When command is rated rotation speed, the speed fluctuation rates is defined as [Empty load rotation speed full load rotation speed] rated rotation speed.
*3. TN system:A power distribution system having one point directly earthed, the exposed conductive parts of the installation being connected to that points by protective earth conductor.

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Motor model

NJ101 20A NJ101 30A NJ101 50A NJ101 75A NJ101 100A

  Voltage range 0~±10VdcAnaloginput Input resistance 10O
  commandTime constant 2.2\is

Torque control mode

Overload allowed time

8s*4 when 200% rated output

Instruction control mode

External analog signal/intemal parameters

  Smoothing strategy

Low pass filter

  Speed limit operation

Parameter setting or via analog input

  Analog monitor output

Monitor signals can be set by parameters (voltage output range:±8v



Servo on,reset,gain switching,pulse clear,zero speed CLAMP,emergency stop, forward/reverse inhibit limit,internal cache control command,torque limit enable, feed speed selection input,feed step mode input, position/speed control mode selection, speed/torque control mode selection,position/torque control mode selection.electronic gear ratio selection.


Encoder signal output(A,B,Z line driver/Z open collector)



Servo ready,servo on,at zero speed,at speed reached, at positioning completed,at torque limit.servo alarm output,electromagnetic brake control output, homing completed .over load alarm output.servo alarm output,internal position command completed.

  Protection function

Over-current,over-voltage,under-voltage.over-heated.over-load.over speed.abnormal pulse control command,excussive deviation,watch dog execution time out,regeneration error.communication error,memory error.short circuit protection of U,V,W and CN1,CN2,CN3 terminals.

Communication interface


  Installation site

Indoor location(free from direct sunlight),no corrosive liquid and gas(far away from oil mist,flammable gas,dust)



Altitude 1000m or lower above sea level

  Atmospheric pressure


  Operating tempereature

0°C~55°C (if operation temperature is above specified range, forced cooling will be required)

Environment Storage temperature





9.80665m/s2(1G),less than 20Hz, 5.88m/s(0.6G) 20 to 50Hz

  IP rating


  Power system

TN system*3

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