CNC lathe machine motorized spindle manufactures

servo spindle1

CNC lathing is one of the central methods of manufacturing. It can produce cylindrical parts with various contours.

In machine building, you cannot bypass shafts to transmit power from the motor to the moving parts. Shafts, of course, require turning. But CNC turning and boring find a lot of use in various industries to produce usually axi-symmetric parts.

Increasing machine productivity and efficient manufacturing, Gilman precision spindles provide a complete systems approach for rotary motion. Our machine tool spindles can be uniquely designed to perform any machining function, from removing materials such as metals and plastics to positioning and spinning. Spindles can be supplied as belt driven, integrally (built-in) motorized, or direct driven on an engineered basis. Custom materials and coatings are available, as well as a large array of accessories.

Post time: May-10-2021