NEW998MC cnc controller

● The standard configuration of system is 5-axis , and the rotation axis can be set by parameters;
● The max. positioning speed can reach 30m/min, and the max. interpolation speed can reach 15m/min;
● Linear, exponential and S acceleration/deceleration is optional;
● Bidirectional  pitch  error  compensation,  backlash  error  compensation,  tool  length and tool radius compensation are available;
● Convenient  management  for  the  system  with  multilevel  operation  password;
● 10.4 inch chromatic LCD .The Chinese , English interface can be selected by setting the related parameter;
● The  system  has  56M  program memory  capacity  to  store  up  to  400  programs  and  has the  back  stage  edit  function  and  can  edit  the  program  on  the  background,
● The  system  has  the  standard  RS232  and  USB  interface  which  can  realize  the bidirectional  transmission  of  programs,  parameters  and  PLC  programs between CNC and PC;
● The system has DNC control and  its baud rate can be set;

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Technical specification:

● Its  built-in  PLC  can  realize  the  various  of  logic  control  functions;  its  ladder  can  be edit  , uploaded and downloaded on-line;
● It  is  easy  to  switch  manner  of  automatic  and  manual  by  the  function  of  manual intervention and return.
● It  can  be  implemented  that  coordinate  moved  in  automatic  operation  by  the  manual handle  intervention and step  intervention.
● It’s  supported  that  editing  a  program  whi le  executing  another  program  by background editing.
● It  can  be  selected  by  parameter  between  rigid  tapping  and  tapping  of  spindle followed.
● 3  level  automatic  gearing,  the  voltage  of  frequency  conversion  may  be  changed  by setting spindle speed at any moment.
● It  is  supported  some  advanced  functions  that  rotation,  scaling,  polar  coordinate  and many canned cycle, etc.
● By  USB  function,  it’s  easy  to  upload  and  download  programs,  to machine  workpieces online
● Tool magazine :have.

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