NEW980TC Cnc Controller

1. Controllable axes

●Controllable axes: 4(X, Z, Y,A )(standard version is absolute servo function)
●Link axes:4

2.Feed axis function
● Position command range: Metric input(G21) : -9999.9999mm~9999.9999mm,  Least command unit:0.0001mm Inch input (G20): -9999.9999inch~9999.9999inch,  Least command unit:0.0001inch
●Electronic gear ratio: frequency doubling coefficient:1~65536, frequency division coefficient :1~65536
● Rapid traverse speed:max. speed 60m/min
● Cutting feed speed: Max.:15m/min (G94) or 500.00mm/r (G95)
● Rapid override: F0, 25%, 50%, 100%
●Feedrate override: 0~150% 16 grades to tune
● Interpolation mode: linear interpolation, arc interpolation, thread interpolation
● Automatic chamfer function

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3. Acceleration/deceleration function
● Cutting feed: linear,S
● Rapid traverse: linear, S
●Thread cutting: linear, exponential
●Initial speed, termination speed, time of acceleration/deceleration can be set by parameters.

4. Spindle function
● 1-channel 0V~10V analog voltage output
●1-channel spindle encoder feedback, spindle encoder line can be set (100p/r~5000p/r)
● Transmission ratio between encoder and spindle:(1~255):(1~255)
● Have position and speed control of spindle, or pulse type rotary spindle control
●Spindle override: 50%~120% 8 grades tune
● Spindle constant surface speed control 5. Tool function
●Tool length compensation:Tool nose radius compensation(C), Tool wear compensation
● Toolsetting mode: fixed-point toolsetting, trial-cut toolsetting, reference point return toolsetting,
● Tool offset execution mode: modifying coordinate mode, tool traverse mode
6.  Precision compensation
● Backlash compensation
●Memory pitch error compensation 7. PLC function
● Two-level PLC program,up to 4700 steps,the 1 st program refresh period 8ms
● PLC warning and PLC alarm
● Many PLC programs(up to 20PCS), the PLC program currently running can be selected
● Instruction: 45 pcs,( basic instruction 10 pcs, function instruction 35pcs)
● Basic I/O:28 input signals /24 output signals 8. Man-machine interface
●  wide screen LCD,resolution: 800×600

● Chinese, English display
● Planar tool path display
● Real-time clock 9. Operation management
● Operation mode: edit, auto, MDI, machine zero return, MPG/single, manual, program zero return

● Multi-level operation privilege management
●Alarm record 10. Program edit
● Program capacity: 32MB,max. 400pcs programs(including subprograms and macro programs)
● Edit function: program/block word search, modification, deletion
● Program format: ISO command, statement macro command programming, relative coordinate, absolute coordinate and compound coordinate programming
● Program call: macro program call with parameter, 4-level program built-in 11. Communication function
● RS232:two-way transmitting part programs and parameters, PLC program, system software serial upgrade
● USB:U file operation, U file directly machining, PLC program, system software U upgrade, RS485 12. Safety function
● Emergency stop:
● Hardware travel limit
● Software travel check
● Data backup and recovery

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